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From now on, the website for DutchRecruit can be located at www.Dutchrecruit.eu pl / ro / lv
On this website you can find concise and organized information regarding working, living and customs in the Netherlands.

DutchRecruit is a recruitment company which unites three empolyment (employment) agencies: E.G. Personeelsdiensten, NL Jobs and Westflex. DutchRecruit currently has four offices in Europe; one in Latvia, one in Poland and two in Romania.
From these offices, hundreds of temporary workers are provided with jobs in the Netherlands. Under the motto “Honest People, Work Honest, Honest Money” jobs are offered in the field of logistics, engineering and horticulture. In recent years, many Poles, Latvians and Romanians and various other nationalities have found employment in these staffing companies in the Netherlands.
The team of DutchRecruit is very excited. So, are you looking for a job in the Netherlands? Do not hesitate and take quickly a look at the website!